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Homecoming Celebration, Housing Corporation & Other Updates

By Nate Mahoney on 22-Nov-13 15:14. Comments (0)
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As many of you are aware, Homecoming Weekend has come and gone and, along with it, a rekindling of goals set by both the Active and Alumni Chapter.  As the Worthy Commander, I am pleased to provide you all with a brief update on the progress made toward some of our most important objectives, along with a timeline and some next steps to keep progress marching on.

Over the course of the last year, a great deal of effort has been invested in re-activating the Epsilon Sigma Housing Corporation of Memphis.  Defunct since the early 1990's, the Alumni Chapter has identified it as an important, if not necessary, fulcrum for the House's longevity that will serve to address issues both current and longer term.  With structure like this in place and expanded involvement from the alumni community, it is my belief that much needed good will come of the House to return it to the glory days of old, for active members and for those in the future.  Please see the attached flyer that was provided over Homecoming weekend for details on the Corporation's membership along with its initial priorities.  The Corporation has set a January 1, 2014 date as the official launch of the reorganization which will hopefully be the beginning of a string of many more successes to come.

As we approach the new year, budgeting efforts have been renewed in order to ensure that the Alumni Board can fund and organize special events in tandem with the Active Chapter.  Your annual membership donation provides a means for the Board to provide receptions at campus-wide events, maintain a presence in the Sigma Nu community, and continue to broaden its purview.  With the Housing Corporation poised to hit the ground running after the start of the new year, this will be especially true as the Alumni Chapter will set its sights on organizing a capital campaign to help support these efforts.  If you could consider make a contribution according to the schedule below, your support will be put to good use.

For those who have graduated within the last 3 years - $20
For those who have graduated within the last 3-10 years - $35
For those who have graduated in the last 10+ years - $50

Take me to the Donation Page!

A PayPal account has been set up to help facilitate the donations process.  Please see the link above and help us achieve our goals in the coming year.

I am very excited about the progress that has been made to reform and reconstitute the Housing Corporation.  I believe the level of enthusiasm has never been higher and I hope you can join us to keep the momentum going!


Nate Mahoney
Worthy Commander