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The Rye Family Makes $10,000 Donation to the Epsilon Sigma Chapter Scholarship Account

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Scott ’83 and Ruth Rye ’84, parents of Colin Rye ’16, have donated $10,000 to the Epsilon Sigma Chapter Scholarship Account held at the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation for use by the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis. Scott pledged the donation after visiting the house and meeting with the Active Chapter and House Corporation leaders.

The Giles Family Makes $10,000 Donation to the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis

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Jill and Bill Giles, the parents of Chris Giles ’16, have donated $10,000 to the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis. The Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis has established a sound business model for the corporation, with the Active Chapter paying a parlor fee to the House Corporation each semester to fund long-term property maintenance, and the Giles Family donation will go directly to capital improvements, including house repairs and renovations.

80th Anniversary Celebration Announced

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On April 8 and 9, 2016, the Epsilon Sigma Chapter will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the construction of our beloved chapter House. The celebration will include a Wild Game Cookout, an Alumni Chapter Meeting, a Family Lunch, a Tribute to Goodbar Morgan, a Campus Tour, and the White Rose Banquet.

2014 Year in Review

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The Epsilon Sigma Chapter had an outstanding 2014. The Active Chapter received the Fraternity of the Year Award from Rhodes College and is rumored to be in contention for a future Rock Chapter Award from Sigma Nu Headquarters, Sigma Nu's highest Chapter-level award. In 2014, we also saw the reestablishment of the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis as well as the rekindling of the Alumni Chapter and alumni social activities in preparation for the 80th Anniversary Celebration.

Homecoming Celebration, Housing Corporation & Other Updates

By Nate Mahoney on 07-November-13 16:14. Comments (0)
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As many of you are aware, Homecoming Weekend has come and gone and, along with it, a rekindling of goals set by both the Active and Alumni Chapter. As the Worthy Commander, I am pleased to provide you all with a brief update on the progress made toward some of our most important objectives, along with a timeline and some next steps to keep progress marching on.

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