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Message from Derek Pegram, Worthy Commander

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On Friday and Saturday, April 8th and 9th, 2016, the Epsilon Sigma Chapter will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the construction of the Chapter House. The celebration will kick off Friday evening with a Wild Game Cookout at the House, then, on Saturday, we will gather for an Alumni Chapter Meeting, a Family Lunch, a Tribute to Goodbar Morgan, a Campus Tour, and conclude the evening with a momentous White Rose Banquet!

First, I want to say “thank you” to the brothers who have played a vital role in Epsilon Sigma's current success. In the years since the 75th Anniversary Celebration, the Active Chapter has experienced unprecedented growth and continues to excel at every level possible. Boasting over 60 members in size, the Active Chapter has been awarded “Fraternity of the Year” four times, “Highest Fraternity GPA” three times, and, in 2015 alone, completed over 1,500 community service hours. In addition to group accolades, we’ve seen individual accolades as well: two awarded Greek Man of Year, three named Mr. Rhodes, and one inductee into the Rhodes Hall of Fame!

The Chapter has also benefitted from increased alumni involvement, the most significant accomplishment being the reinstatement of the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis. It is truly fitting, that, in its 80th anniversary year, we see the Sigma Nu House Corporation of Memphis once again working with the Active Chapter to maintain our beloved Chapter House. The groundwork has finally been laid to take our Chapter to a whole new level!

With all of our many Chapter accomplishments, though, it is difficult to comprehend why our current alumni support is partially indifferent rather than outright exemplary. One of the main reasons alumni tell me they do not attend alumni events is because they are afraid they won’t know anyone. To help clear this misconception, I call on each of you to challenge your closest buddies to be at this year’s event. I cannot stress how rewarding attendance will be to you and your brothers.

I also want to assist you with this challenge. Please include with your completed registration form the names of the top five brothers you want to see this spring. The deadline for early registration is March 25th. I will contact these gentlemen on your behalf and let them know that April 8th and 9th are marked on your calendar. Or, if you prefer, I will contact you personally with their phone numbers so that you can make the first call. As you and I both know, it is much more meaningful when the call comes from you – someone with whom they already share a fraternal bond (i.e. Pledge Brother, Big Brother, or Little Brother).

I can truly say I have never been more proud to be a Sigma Nu and have never been more proud to be involved with Epsilon Sigma. All of us wanted to be a part of a winner and now our Chapter is one. We all played a role in the Chapter’s success, so I encourage you to come back and share in the memories of the past eighty years. This is your chance to reconnect with guys you may not have seen in years. Over 100 alumni and guests attended the 75th Anniversary Celebration, and we’re expecting an even bigger turn-out at the 80th Anniversary Celebration!

There’s never been a better time to come together to celebrate our Chapter's success. I hope to see you there.


Derek Pegram
ΕΣ 1069
Worthy Commander, Epsilon Sigma Alumni Chapter