Sigma Nus do not take their membership lightly. We make a lifetime commitment to the precepts and ideals of the Legion of Honor. Hence, you will never hear a true alumnus of the Legion of Honor say that he was but rather is a Sigma Nu.

The following alumni have either paid alumni dues of $25/year or made a monetary donation of $100 (or more) for Chapter House improvements for the corresponding fiscal years. Thank you for your bonds of true and lasting friendship that have no boundaries in age, space, and time.

Badge # Name Initiated
ES 81 Charles Cobb 1944
ES 280 Paul Thompson 1958
ES 474 Bill Pendegrass, III 1969
ES 610 Randy Rhea 1977
ES 709 Paul Deaton 1983
ES 722 Jeff Davis 1985
ES 801 James Augustine 1989
ES 906 Matthew Ian John 1995
ES 1034 David Wiley, Jr. 2004

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